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A nice FTP client

Posted by sanrez on April 1, 2008

Getting ready to update our site, I need to ftp in and transfer the files from my machine to the server.  I tried WS_FTE but have never really been happy with it .  The interface and even the install seem to be very ’90s.

Doing a live search, I discovered a nice open source ftp client called WinSCP.  It connects to secure FTP sites and normal FTP sites.

Both are free programs but WinSCP seems a better choice.


2 Responses to “A nice FTP client”

  1. Myles said

    WinSCP is awesome! We use it with SFTP servers. And its written in Delphi!

  2. sanrez said

    Interesting. Realised that I had to change from SFTP to FTP to log in. It is a great program.

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